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QConnex Chip Module

Chip/Module Technologies

  • WiFi, Bluetooth & NFC
  • Zigbee/Zwave
  • Cellular (e.g. NBIoT, Cat 1, Cat M1)
  • eSIM/SoftSIM enabled
QConnex App Ecosystem

App Ecosystem

  • Across various devices
  • Scenario empowered
  • Intuitive design & user experience
QConnex IoT backend

IoT Backend

  • Developed & hosted in Germany
  • High security & privacy standards
  • Allows for Cloud to Cloud integration
QConnex Dashboard

Dashboard Diagnostics

  • Data analysis
  • Insights on product and device usage
  • Functionality & service quality optimization

The world is becoming more interconnected every day.

Consumers don’t just want “things” anymore. They want intelligent things that help make their lives easier. When it comes to their homes, they’re increasingly using voice controlled personal assistants, like Alexa, and choosing smart solutions for their security systems, lighting, heating and so on.

QConnex Interconnected

So, what does this mean for you and your brand?

It’s time to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and discover how smart products can bring you and your customers closer together.

QConnex Your Brand
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  • What we do
  • Why QConnex

We are smart home experts.

We bring together the best of two worlds – German technology and Asian manufacturing. Our experienced technical team in Hamburg is responsible for the software side of the business.

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QConnex Who we are

We source high quality products…

… and embed modules that convert them into smart devices. These are then customized for customer-facing businesses such as utility companies, retailers and energy suppliers.

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QConnex What we do

Six reasons for choosing QConnex.

We offer a range of software and hardware solutions that not only add value to your customers’ experience but also strengthen brand loyalty.

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QConnex Why QConnex

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Discover our range

From home security to personal protection, with QConnex smart products your customers are in safe hands.
QConnex Smarter Homes

Smarter homes

From lighting to garage doors, pet feeding to personal safety, explore the endless possibilities for interconnected homes.

QConnex Intelligent Appliances

Intelligent appliances

Even our kitchen and garden appliances can benefit from smart technology. Save customers’ time, energy consumption and money with branded smart devices.

QConnex Safe as Houses

Home security

Smart security gets smarter and more seamless all the time. Give your customers the peace of mind and protection they need to lead a fulfilling life.

QConnex Personal Security

Personal trackers

Are your customers, or their children, adventurous and keen to explore new places? Smart personal tracking systems can help them stay connected and stop them from getting lost.

QConnex Pets on the prowl

Pet protection

We love our pets. So, when they go missing, we’d do anything to get them back. Protect your customers’ animals with a unique pet tracker.

QConnex Smart homecare

Care at home

Whether your customers are looking after themselves, or caring for someone with health concerns, introduce them to the wonders of remote homecare technology.

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